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Measurement enables us to see if we have been successful and to set up continuous improvement.

Getting I.T. Right and IDC New Zealand launched a New Zealand-first survey in November 2011 to measure I.T. improvement on an annual basis.  

The Getting I.T. Right survey is a long-term annual survey designed to provide valuable information on the status of I.T. in New Zealand organisations, including I.T.’s involvement in organisations’ strategic planning and the level of alignment between organisations’ I.T. projects and business strategy.  The initial survey’s results provides a benchmark to measure year-over-year improvements in  I.T. in New Zealand.

Business executives, ICT managers, project managers and line-of-business managers were invited to participate in the survey.  A report of the findings was published in February 2012. 
A second annual survey was conducted in November 2012 to find out whether IT in New Zealand has improved or not.  A report of the survey results will be published in March 2013.